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Robert Desai

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Provided by Fidelity Investments

DJ US Total Stock Mkt (35%), MSCI EAFE (15%), BBG Barc US Aggregate Bond (40%) and BBG Barc US 3 month Treasury Bellwethers Index (10%)

All Accounts: -0.47%

Benchmark: Blended -0.92 %

Index: Balanced

Over/Under Benchmark: +0.45 %

All Accounts: +13.73%

Benchmark: Blended +10.23%

Index: Balanced

Over/Under Benchmark: +3.5%

All Accounts: +7.22%

Benchmark: Blended +6.63%

Index: Balanced

Over/Under Benchmark: +0.59%

All Accounts: +10.22%

Benchmark: Blended +8.29%

Index: Balanced

Over/Under Benchmark: +1.93%

All Accounts: +8.07%

Benchmark: Blended +6.58%

Index: Balanced

Over/Under Benchmark: +1.49%

                                                               YTD †        1-Year       3-Year       5-Year     10-Year

Internal Performance                      -0.47%    +13.73%    +7.22%     +10.22%   +8.07%

Blended Index: Balanced*              -0.92 %      +10.23%     +6.63%      +8.29%   +6.58%

*A combination of domestic & foreign stocks, T-Bills and Bonds: DJUS Total Stock Mkt (49%), MSCI EAFE (21%), BBG Barc US 3 Mo. Treasury Bellweathers Index (5%), BBG Barc US Aggregate Bond (25%).

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