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For some, managing money comes with ease, but many of us struggle to achieve financial success. According to the American Psychological Association, a walloping 70 percent of people believe they are on shaky financial ground. The study also found that 75 percent think that they would be a whole lot happier if they just had more money. Whether your goal is to start saving money, become wealthy, or retire early – one of the easiest ways to learn more about managing your finances is by reading! And the following books should give you an excellent start to achieving financial success!



The Intelligent Investor

By – Benjamin Graham

The top of my list is The Intelligent Investor because it’s a classic that provides timeless wisdom for those who want to learn how to invest. The book was originally published in 1949, but Graham’s financial advice is still helpful in today’s world. Graham offers a practical approach to investing in the stock market, yet also notes that investing is harder than it seems.

One Up on Wall Street

By – Peter Lynch

Another classic read is One Up on Wall Street, written by Peter Lynch. Lynch is the world’s most successful mutual fund manager, with an annual portfolio return of 30 percent for 13 years. In his book, Lynch explains how to approach the six different types of stocks. Lynch also describes how to choose good investments and find the best companies to invest in before other analysts do so.




I Will Teach You to Be Rich

By – Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi published his book in 2009 in hopes of inspiring younger adults to take charge of their financial well being. The book provides a six-week program aimed at adults between the ages of 20 to 35. Sethi also helps teach young adults to form good habits and emphasizes the value of reinvestment.  

The Automatic Millionaire: Expanded and Updated

By – David Bach

A reason why I love Bach’s updated version of the Automatic Millionaire is that it’s an easy read that offers a one-step plan to live and finish rich. Bach is a successful serial author of many excellent financial books. This one, in particular, is an easy read because it begins with a realistic story of an average couple who had great success. Bach explains the power of a realistic timeline and can help anyone succeed.

Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School

By – Cary Siegel

The last book on my list is by Cary Siegel, who was inspired to write this book after realizing the inadequate financial help schools provide. Siegel offers 99 money management principles to live by if you want to achieve financial success. While 99 sounds like a lot, Siegel categorized these principles in 8 lessons that are easy to learn.


Managing your money and achieving financial success can be difficult, but educating yourself can go a long way. The easiest, and possibly most helpful, tool to handling finances better is by reading books from those who have been successful.  


Robert Desai is an established equities investor located in the Greater Boston Area. Read more of his investment blogs or check out his Twitter!

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